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Fun Swims, Fun Swim Meets, Skill Clinics

How would YOU like to swim faster with less effort?

These SKILL Clinic will help your advanced swim faster and spend less energy is just one clinic!

Catch the Wave’s SKILL Clinic the ideal program for swimmers who want to improve their four competitive strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. Swimmers practice and apply drills to improve their technique, making their strokes more efficient. Our trained instructors work with each child in a small group to guarantee individual progress. Swimmers build their overall stamina and endurance in addition to improving their strokes.

After a SKILL session, Catch the Wave will host a mini meet. These meets are a fantastic opportunity for our SKILL Clinic swimmers to show off what they’ve learned in a relaxed racing environment. The mini meet is a terrific learning experience for our SKILL Clinic swimmers and a great introduction into the competitive side of swimming.

Swimmers in our SKILL Clinic programs may also be invited to participate in summer swim meets.

SPACE IS LIMITED…Please sign up in advance at the front desk.