Innovation AT ITS FINEST

We do things differently here at Catch The Wave. We spent years developing our curriculum drawing inspiration from swim schools across the world. We are committed to making the experience of learning to swim a joy, not a chore, and one where parents see their children entering the water excited to learn.

Program Overview

We utilize a two tier level system. Each with a different cap color designed to provide quick and optimal advancement while maintaining the crucial element of comfort and trust with our students.

Parent Child

3 - 36 months

Parent participation is required in the water. Class focus is on water acclamation, submersion, back floating and independence in the water.

Little Learners

2 - 5 years

Class colors are Orange and Green. Student focus is on overcoming anxieties associated with the water and parent separation along with introductory back float techniques.

Safe Penguins

3 - 6 years

Class colors are Aqua and Red. Focus is on starting the process of independence. Students will learn to Execute proper rotations by utilizing good body position. They also will begin the process of back floating independently.


4 - 7 years

Class colors are Royal and Silver. Focus is on self- rescue foundations through proper stroke and breathing techniques.​


5 - 10 years

Class colors are Navy and Gold. Focus is on advanced freestyle and backstroke training with a strong emphasis on kicking and body position.


6+ years

Class colors are Purple and Black. Considered our pre-team level, the class focus is on swimming efficiency. Students learn how to maintain form through distance training and by coordinating stroke movements properly.

Speciality Lessons

Private Lessons


Birthday Parties

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Open Swim Passes

Stop in for a family swim pass. All are welcome, For additional information on pricing and availabilitywith your local CTW first before stopping in.

Get Started!

Are you ready to get your little one water safe? Come take a tour of our facilities, talk to other parents, and get your child enrolled at Catch The Wave. Due to our small class sizes, spots are limited. Reserve yours today!

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