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Catch the wave swim club

Platinum (10 +)

CLASS RATION 8:1 (10 +)

The main focus of this level is to work on endurance.  Technical stroke work can be achieved in our Team Gold Elite level or stroke clinics.  However, what cannot be achieved quickly is endurance.  This will always be the number one goal of the platinum level. It is also important to remember that competitive swimming success is achieved through hard work and motivation of the individual.  The kids are encouraged to work hard not just because they are told but because they want too.  We will always make it interesting, make it fun, but always challenge them!

Level 1 – This class is for children who can swim freestyle and backstroke for 50-100 feet.   The purpose of this level is to build a solid base of endurance. It is important to remember that while stoke technique is important; more emphasis has to be placed on making sure that the kids are consistently moving.

Level 2 & 3 – Children must have working knowledge of all four competitive strokes.  This noncompetitive “team” style workout for advanced students who want to increase endurance.   This level is designed to achieve maximum swimming performance and enhance endurance.   Children learn to perfect the freestyle and backstroke for 10-15 minutes continuous swim with flip turns, swim with a pace clock, sets, interval training, drills to master strokes and key skills, correct push offs and turns, flippers, games, races while having lots of  fun with their team mates!


  • Endurance training with continuous swimming
  • Introduce drills for all four major strokes.
  • Flip turns and push offs.

Team suit is required.

  • Girls:  One piece
  • Boys:  Jammer


  • 30 MIN ~ SWIM

Practice Etiquette

At the Start of Practice:

  • Arrive to practice early so you can stretch and get ready for the workout. A late swimmer disrupts the practice, interrupts other swimmers, and risks injury since there is no opportunity to properly warm up.
  • The coach will assign the swimmers that help putting in the lane ropes and getting equipment so that practice can start on time.  Everyone else will be stretching in the appropriate area.
  • Select a lane that suits your speed (or the one coach has assigned you), even if you can’t complete the sets (take more rest).
  • If you do arrive late, tailor your warm-up so you don’t impede swimmers doing the workout (find out at what point on the workout the other swimmers are, and start swimming at the same point, after making your presence known).

During Practice:

  • If your lane is crowded, a faster swimmer should move up a lane for the session.
  • Swim in order of speed.
  • Follow the workout – that’s the reason why you have a coach!
  • Use the pace clock.
  • Leave 5 or 10 seconds between swimmers to avoid crowding, allow for turns and track your time.
  • If you want to pass the swimmer in front of you, touch his/her foot and change at the end of the lane before the turn.
  • If the swimmer behind you touches your foot, let him/her pass at the next turn.
  • Never crowd the wall of the adjacent lane – leave their space clear.
  • When at the wall, move over! Leave the end of the lane open for swimmers to turn or finish.
  • When turning, push off the return side of the lane to avoid on-coming swimmers.
  • Swim in straight lines by following the line on the pool bottom, or the ceiling tiles.
  • If you skip a set to rest, sit out on the deck;don’t hang onto the wall if that would obstruct other swimmers.
  • If you join a lane after the workout has started, make your presence known. Unexpected newcomers can cause collisions.

At the End of Practice:

  • Once the practice has ended exit the pool right away.
  • Coach will assign swimmers to help put away the lane ropes and equipment.


  • Follow the instructions of the coach at all times.
  • Don’t dive in the shallow end.
  • Don’t run on the pool deck.
  • Don’t hang off or climb on the lane ropes – it can damage them.
  • Don’t clear your nose or throat in the pool.
  • Competitive suits required. One piece for girls and Jammer for boys.