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Team Gold

TEAM GOLD ~ CLASS RATION 5:1level-gold

 Team Gold Level 1

(Minimum age 4 and up)Team Gold Level 1 is the beginning of a student’s journey into upper level swimming. They should have strong survival skills and confidence in the water. Listening skills are also an important element and should be at least progressing to be in this level.


Broad Requirements of Team Gold Level 1

  • Can cross the deep end of the pool some version of swim -float swim without standing up to rest.
  • Is at least four years old.
  • Has some knowledge of backstroke/freestyle.

Specific Requirements / indicators of Team Gold Level 1

  • Has achieved all the Requirements of Silver Plus Level 2
  • Has confidence and a little skill, but needs lots of refining on Freestyle/Backstroke
  • Can swim-float swim reliably from deep end to shallow end, but might need some help on the way back
  • Mature enough to be trusted in the deep end of the pool.
  • Might have anxieties about crossing the deep end unassisted
  • Still needs prompting with breath discipline.

Team Gold Level 2 (Minimum age 5 and up)

Team Gold Level 2’s marked by a student’s skill and ability in the water. They know and understand the basics and are ready to be challenged to higher standards in the strokes they know as well as to be slowly introduced to new strokes. The ability and willingness to cross the deep end for short periods unassisted is non-negotiable for this level.

Broad Requirements of Team Gold Level 2

  • Has strong skills and needs no assistance crossing the water.
  • Is at least FIVE years old (Has full range of motion in shoulders)
  • Has no lingering anxieties

Specific Requirements for Team Gold Level 2

  • Has achieved all the Requirements for lower levels
  • Has a Strong Freestyle AND Backstroke
  • Is Ready to start practicing flip turns
  • Has a firm enough foundation to begin introducing butterfly/ breaststroke
  • Has good Breath discipline, i.e., breathes at regular intervals with little prompting.

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