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Ongoing Enrollment/Weekly Lessons

headThank you for choosing Catch the Wave Swim Club. CTW serves the local communities with our tradition to excellence and our commitment and uncompromising dedication to provide you and your family the best “learn to swim program”.

Learning to swim builds confidence in children. Weekly swim lessons build the foundation for a lifelong skill. The more consistently your child swims, the faster and greater the progress. Your swimmer will gain skills and build strength while enjoying their lessons.


Weekly Lessons – See our current specials

Why do we promote perpetual, year round, swim lessons at our facility?

We promote and believe in year round swim lessons because children learn to swim and be safe in the water at a much faster pace with consistent year-round swim lessons. Our goal is to eliminate the mentality of seasonal swim lessons because this approach usually leads to the loss of gained swim skills resulting in wasted time and money.

Ongoing lessons provide clients with a consistent day and time until they choose to make a change. We don’t rearrange our schedule every 3 months which provides a more consistent swim lesson experience for both the students and parents.

Catch the Wave Swim Club is happy to offer easy online registration for all of our swim classes. Tuition is charged on a monthly basis based on 4 classes per month.