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Our Policies

If you are unsatisfied with your swim experience your child’s lesson, your instructor, the time you DIDN’T get, the person who answered the phone didn’t help you, our facility, the dynamics of the students in your swimmer’s class…. JUST LET US KNOW. Whatever it is, we’ll take care of it. You get what you want; we get your child swimming. Your feedback is always important to us.

In the event that a group class is scheduled and there are two (2) or less students in the class, please understand you might be required to switch times to properly fill classes.  If you wish to stay in the time slot after management informs of the need for movement or consolidate classes.

By registering for classes, the customer agrees to a minimum joining period of two (2 months).  After the initial two (2) months, the customer will continue to be automatically enrolled and charged until thirty (30) day advance withdrawal notice is given.  The first payment for the monthly classes is due upon booking. Subsequent payments will be billed on the 21sts of the preceding month and processed on the 27th for the following month. Monthly charges are based on a 4-lesson month.  There are no classes the 5th day of any month.  Registration Fee – A $35 one-time registration fee is charged per family.  This is a one-time fee.  Annual Facility Fee – $12 billed June 1st each calendar year (Pro-rated throughout the year).

If you wish to withdraw from lessons, a one-month notice (30 days) prior to your next charge (21st of the previous month) must be given in writing. This can be done by direct email to info@catchthewaveswim.com or through our “contact us” page on our website. We will confirm your cancellation within 48 hours.

“Poo-Poo” happens! And unfortunately, sometimes it happens in swimming pools, and it can close the pool. We have had some very unhappy little swimmers, frustrated teachers and parents who have rushed to get here only to have to go back home. Prevention is BETTER for all of us.   Catch the Wave Swim Club requires all swimmers under the age of 3 and children who are not fully potty trained to wear reusable, material swim diapers.  In the interest of the health and safety of all students in our program.  These re-usable swim diapers may be purchased at CTW.

According to the CDC no swim diaper holds fecal material beyond 5 minutes. By double diapering we hope to get the full 5 minutes.  Please make sure your child visits the bathroom before the lesson starts, even if they went at home. If you observe your child doing the “potty dance”, please come into the pool area, take your child out of class and to the bathroom. Some children are reluctant to tell the teacher if they have to go

If your child is not feeling well has cramps, diarrhea, “sick tummy”, do not come to class. We have many makeup options.  We would rather reschedule one child than disappoint hundreds of children have said that it is funny to blow bubbles “out their back ends”.

Our swim caps are for level recognition of each student. Swim Caps are required for every child enrolled. Every swimmer in the program is required to have a swim cap that corresponds to the level they are currently in our program.

Parents~~Please put your child’s FIRST name on the front of their swim cap. This should be large enough for the instructors to read. This will help develop relationships between the instructors and the students by every instructor knowing each child’s name. This will help make the children feel more comfortable. You can imagine with the number of children we have coming through every week and every child in cap and goggles, it is difficult to learn everyone’s name. We have permanent markets at the front desk. Please add the date your child started in the level as well (i.e.: 11/04- Nov 4th). The date your child started in the level will help us track the progression of your child.  Have your child ready with cap/goggles on by the instructor 5 minutes prior to lessons beginning.

A scheduled make up class during our regular scheduled lessons will be offered for pool closures due to religious or National holidays or pool machinery malfunction or upon issuance of a Severe Weather Warning requiring the closure of schools and government agencies. We WILL allow make ups for any student that misses and provides a doctor’s note for the missed class.  (Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific instructor for make-up classes)

We want all of our swimmers to receive their lessons at their scheduled class time, so we do not encourage make-ups. Our instructors are consistently here waiting for you at your scheduled class time and making sure his/her class is the best possible learning environment for your child! However, if you must miss a class, please see the following:  We have four (4) great ways to get more pool time.  One with instruction, one with unlimited swim time, one with emphasis on safety, and one with real FUN racing.

  • Receive a voucher for 2 admissions for a Family Fun Swim.
  • Receive a voucher for 1 Fun Meet participant.
  • Receive a voucher for a group safety class.

In the event that more than four or more lessons are missed due to extenuating circumstances, Catch the Wave Swim Club’s Owner/Manager who will review each situation on an individual basis, as long as advance notice or the child has provided a Doctor’s note.

All payments are perpetual by direct debit. This ensures the student will not lose his or her spot. This payment comes out once a month using a debit card or credit card. You may still change your class time, if needed. If you would like to pay by cash or check so that your credit or debit card is not billed, please pay prior to the 27th of the month.  In the event your balance is not paid prior to the 1st of the month, your child will be removed from the class. If you wish to take a break from lessons, please email through our contact page at www.CatchTheWaveSwim.com.

Bad weather may warrant cancellation of classes. We will announce cancellations on our Face book page and on our HOME PAGE at www.CatchTheWaveSwim.com.

Any student displaying symptoms of diarrhea, fever, or any contagious illness are prohibited from participating in Catch the Wave Swim Club activities.

We will always do our best to honor requests. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to honor requests for specific instructors. Catch the Wave reserves the right to change instructors and/or reassign an instructor to a different location at any time.

To ensure the safety of your child, all participants are to observe the rules of the pool at all times. Please to not allow your child to enter the pool until class starts. Students must exit the pool upon conclusion of the class. Parents MUST remain on the premises while their child(ren) are at Catch the Wave. The only exception to this is for parties.  For a party, parents may drop off their child and the host/hostess of the party assumes responsibility for your child.