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“I don’t think we could ever thank you and Brandon enough for teaching our kids to be safe on the pool. I know you guys hear it all the time and get letters and have kids that come in and out all the time. I, for one, preach to everyone I know to send their child your way to learn how to survive, even if it’s only for 3 or 4 months of lessons or whatever. I tell them the cost is minimal compared to the relief that they will have knowing their child has at least a chance. I was on a call for a child that fell in the pool when I first got on the department and such a simple tragedy could have been averted with just a few lessons. Those people will never get that child back, I’m hoping that my encouragement or advertisement of your place and what you guys do helps someone. So again thank you. Our kids have had a great time and love swimming there.   Again we can never repay you but hopefully you guys continue to be successful and help other families the same way you have helped us.”

– Tom A

“Thank you for making my kids safe in the water, and they are now better swimmers than I am. 🙂 It really has been a great run. Thank you again”

– Amber A

“Thank you Kris!  And thank you for the wonderful work you did with Addy while we were taking lessons!!!!  It was a great experience for her and she is continuing to learn and do more in the pool.  At Easter we took her swimming and she was jumping off the side of the pool with very little help and going underwater on her own. Again thank you for all of your work with Addy!” Thanks!

– Crystal

“You guys are awesome!”  

– Cecelia M.

“Wow! I am so impressed by your instructors! My girls have been tied to gymnastics for a few years, so this is our first time attending swim lessons. As parents, we tried teaching them to swim, but as you probably already know, that just doesn’t work.   Thank you so much for all you do!”

– Kristy R

“Dear Brandon-I just wanted to share with you how much I have enjoyed you instructing my daughter Andie for the past 3 weeks.  Your enjoyment and understanding of the students shows in how you work with them!  I love how interactive you are with the kids and how you use silly songs, words, etc. to distract them.  Just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated.  Thank you for all you do!”

– Sara S

“We LOVE CTW!!!”   

– Hillary R

“My kids really enjoy their lessons and learn a lot! All the instructors are wonderful.  Thank you very much!”

– Kelly N.

”I just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with you guys that I’ve already sent one family to you (Leah and Liam V), and I just referred another one this morning!  I can’t say enough great things about Kelli and Jacob, and my kids are LOVING their lessons! It’s so nice to have your business in the area, thank you for bringing it here. Thanks so much, give big props to your instructors 🙂

– Nicole M

 “The lessons have been above expectations.”

– Linda Stocker

“The class is going great and we absolutely love our instructor.  My son is very sensitive and he has worked with his special quirks effortlessly. When we are at the pool on our own he is constantly practicing the things he has been taught, and that is due to you all getting him excited about his lessons and learning to swim. Thank you”     

– Melissa

“Hello Brandon , I just would like to let you know that I am so happy with the private classes for my son Joshua , Windy is doing an awesome job , she is fantastic so patience and energetic , it’s amazing in couple classes the improvement that Joshie has , and also Matthew is happy with the new class , Kelli is doing a great job too , Matthew told me last class ” I am so tired I really swim today ” . I think it’s important that you know that your instructors are putting their best effort to help our kids.”

– Cristina

Your program is above and beyond!!  Thank you for all you have taught and brought to our lives!  We plan to continue survival swimming in Wisconsin, but nobody will compare to yall! Thank you again.”

– Josephine and Brett R.

“THANK YOU so much for your care in teaching Henry how to swim. I know he is not the easiest child to have in a class, but Brandon is always so patient and kind with him.”

– Jess K.

“This is a great program! We love how clean your facility and the staff are all great and welcoming!  We are thankful to be able to take our children to your facility and let them learn how to swim safely! “

– Chris P

“We have been extremely happy with Catch the Wave.  Brandon is an amazing instructor and our daughter has loved taking lessons with him.  Last night she actually said she wanted to be a swim teacher like Mr. Brandon when she grows up.”

– Melissa K

“You’re the best!!!   I seriously cannot thank you all enough for sticking with us and riding out the screaming we’ve all endured the last year. It’s a joy to see him actually splash and smile in the pool (at least for the last two lessons!). It means a lot that you’re all willing to help JT learn to save himself and have fun swimming and give me the confidence that should he ever fall in a pool he could survive.” 

– Liz F

“We started with CTW in June. My daughter was petrified of the water. The instructors worked with her to gain trust and eventually the anxiety started to subside. Brandon is a truly gifted instructor who has such a way with children of all abilities. Now, I can’t believe my eyes when I see my daughter swim under the water. We are truly grateful for Brandon, Tyler, and the staff at CTW for their patience and kindness while my daughter was getting used to the classes. Now, she looks forward to coming each week.”

– Cari W