Your First Lesson | Catch the wave swim club
Catch the wave swim club

Your First Lesson

catch-circleCHECKING IN–As your first lesson approaches, you will want to plan to arrive 15 minutes early and check in at the front desk.  Here we will have you sign any necessary forms and help you sign in for your class on the I-pad, give you the name and colored WRIST BAND of your child’s instructor, direct you to the changing rooms, bathrooms, and show you to the pool and the section/area your child will be swimming in.

LOCKERS –   You may take your items with you on deck or you may use our lockers and hooks.   Please keep in mind, we do not provide locked storage.

Deck and Private Showers – You can shampoo and rinse off with on our on-deck shower or private locker room showers.   Like our pool, our showers are warm.   We also have Towels and De-chlorinating shampoo available at the front desk.                                                                                 

POTTY BEFORE LESSONS– Make sure your swimmer potty’s first before lessons.

SAFETY is top priority– Have your child ready 3-5 before the lesson.  Walk you child into the pool area.  The instructor may not be in your child’s “station”.  Swimmers may not enter the water until the instructor invites them to get in

SWIM DIAPERS– All children 3 years and under MUST wear one reusable swim diaper, two are preferred, under their suit or in place of their swim suit. If there is an “accident”, we want that extra layer of protection.  This is for your protection, and ours, to keep the pool clean and free of bacteria.  DISPOSABLE swim diapers do not work and would not prevent bacteria from entering into the pool in the event of an accident.   Swim diapers are available at the front desk.

SWIM CAPS– Every child is required to wear a swim cap that corresponds to their swim level.  The caps keep our pool clean, keep goggles in place, and hair out of their eyes.  Unlike silicone, these Lycra fiber swim caps will slide on and off with ease, and won’t pull out any hair.

GOGGLES   We have a number of kid friendly goggles, (even scented goggles) as well as swimsuits, pool toys, teaching equipment, and many other fun items.  Gift Certificates are available too!!

We have “tickets” that the children fill out at every lesson for our monthly drawings of prizes.

Car decals with the children’s names. These are free of charge. If you would like to be on the list please stop by the front desk or email the office.