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How Swimming Lessons Created A Hero: Aubrey’s Story

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Check out Aubrey's amazing story about how through swimming lessons, she was able to save her best friend's life. The story is told through her mother's experience.

The Backstory

“My daughter Aubrey is four and a half years old. She has been swimming at Catch the Wave Swim Club on and off since she was about eight months and is currently in the Elite class level. She progressed so fast through the program that I almost chose to take her out of lessons because I considered her to already be a “safe” swimmer. She didn't need a life vest or help from other floatation devices. However, Aubrey loved swimming so much that I decided to keep her enrolled. That decision allowed her to become an even a stronger swimmer.

The Situation

Two weekends ago, Aubrey and her friends were swimming in our family pool. Although they are all the same age and size, the others needed to wear life jackets while in the water. Later that day, one of Aubrey’s friends fell into the deep end without her vest and was having trouble staying afloat. Luckily, my daughter realized her life was in danger and immediately jumped in and swam out to help. After leading her friend to the edge, Aubrey got out of the pool and then pulled her out without any help! Again, they were the same size and age. It only took me a moment to realize that my little girl saved her best friend’s life.

Enroll Your Child Now!

This is a cautionary tale for parents everywhere to be mindful of children in the pool at all times and to think twice before underestimating the importance of swim lessons even if your child is able to swim unassisted in the water. Ensuring that your child is a strong swimmer could save their life, or in my daughter’s case, a friend’s life.

Thank you Catch The Wave for allowing Aubrey to be a hero that day.”

-Mande, proud and thankful MOM!

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